We all are living in the illusionary world and our mind always tries to construct the world which have seen by our eye. Everyone thought that their eyes always sees reality but it is not true, which we have see Everytime that is not the reality. Meaning of illusion is very simple but it is very hard to explain.​

    What is illusion?

Many times our senses may be get distorted, this experience is called illusion. Illusion is a wrong or misinterpreted perception of sensory experience, unlike Hallucination. Illusion is a part of our negative thinking. Whenever our brain does not understand anything perfectly. In that situation, our brain is not able to send right information to other senses, this situation creates illusion. 


Which one is tilt more?

The audience perceives the puppet as actually speaking, as opposed to the puppeteer.

Illusion is of many types like Optical Illusion, Auditory Illusion, Tactile Illusion and Temporal Illusion, etc.

42 thoughts on “Illusion”

  1. I suspect this concept of the brain trying to conform to prior experience applies in many ways (e.g. sense of self, social situations, other sensory experiences, maybe even spelling and grammar). – Oscar

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