Many humans who have died but alive in everyone’s heart

        This is true, that every human takes birth and dies after their life span. Everyone takes birth to do a particular task or work in the world but in that time everyone forget that. In present, in race of success everyone thought that how to make their life luxurious. No one wants to do anything new.                                                     But in past, many humans had done some greatest work that can be possible by only hard work and determination. Those people crossed the limitations of thinking and teach us many wonderful things.                                                                                          3 Great persons ever who will inspire      you-                                            

1. Albert Einstein-

   He was born in 1879 and died in 1955. He was the great scientist of physics. In his lifetime he discovered many theories like E=hf, Einstein field equations, gravitational waves and Theory of relativity E=mc square. When he published his first newspaper on Theory of relativity all the science world got shocked from that time his success was started. He got ‘Noble Prize for physics’ in 1921 and was also respected by the name ‘Time Person of the Century’ in 1999.

2. Isaac Newton-    He was born in 1642 and died in 1726. He is the only scientist who had discovered many things in most of the fields. His discoveries was Calculus, laws of motion, Newton’s law of fluid and most famous discovery was Universal Gravitation. He was the influential scientists of all time. He also proved that white light contains seven colors . Newton’s work on light was collected in his highly influenced book ‘Opticks’.

3. Stephen Hawking-

     He was born on 1942 and still alive. He affected by Motor Neuron disease in which disease the brain does not connects with the body organs. At that time, in his adulthood when he was affected by this disease doctor’s said that he did not live more than few months but Stephen took this disease as a challenge and survive long. His cheek was connected with a device which helps him to communicate. He was respected by Albert Einstein award in 1978 and Fundamental physics prize in 2012 and many more. He was the greatest scientist of this era and many rumors showed that he is still working on Theory of Relativity and he may be get success!!!

66 thoughts on “Many humans who have died but alive in everyone’s heart”

  1. Very motivational and you chose amazing people to feature. I read all the biographies and autobiographies on a shelf in my town’s library as a third and fourth graders. I did accomplish, but more importantly I fed my mind! 📚 Smiles, Robin

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    1. I agree with reocochran! Thank you, Festenstein, for choosing the three figures from the domains of theoretical physics and cosmology. It would be even more interesting and engaging if you could also include representative figures from other disciplines. 🙂

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  2. you are right, there are many amazing people who have left this world but they remain alive to us. The reason is simple, these people have left behind words that they have written down to “challenge us.” And truthfully their imagination is our imagination, because their say are challenging us so much and many of us will live with them in our inner self until the end of us! They are great characters that generations to generations will live to remind themselves of their examples. I wish men of today were like them, but I am afraid to say it is not the case! Have a great evening!

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  3. These persons discovered new knowledge for the advancement of science, mathematics and technology. They are the father teachers of knowledge chapter.
    In fact, father teacher is the creator of knowledge chapter and becomes alive on the blackboard of classroom.

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