A request

     Hello, my dear friends I have a request one person is copied my second blog and only change the headline of my blog. He does not asked me for reblogging when I comment on his blog he trash my all the comments. So, please search George Mwaniki Kamau and block him and report against him. We all are know that plagiarism is a cyber crime. So, please help me.

50 thoughts on “A request”

  1. That’s too bad. . . I have a way of not following people and I hate when someone shows or talks “dirty” as in porn, that is my main concern to keep out of my inbox. Take care and good luck.

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  2. By the very nature and mechanism of Word Press, a reblog within that system will automatically give links to your original post and blog. At least on my page. Since you graciously visited my “place”, may I reblog a post I like…or is it not your desire? Cheers in any case—Jonathan Caswell, Poet, of BY THE MIGHTY MUMFORD.

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      1. Then…tell him so and complain to Word Press. I don’t always ask either, although I really should! I’ve been reminded of a blogger’s displeasure on occasion! And if they want their stuff deleted, I will do so.

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