Human Phobias

       In every human’s life three things certainly happen they are happiness , sadness and Phobia . Phobia is not a disease but anxiety disorder or Human Depth Fear . Every human is a fear from something if it is snake, height, spider dark night, crowd etc. Phobia is not a minor disease it is a big problem which cannot recover by time to time. In many cases, Phobia can happen for more than six months or for a lifetime. If Phobiatic person avoid their Phobia it can affect their life and also affects other peoples lead to suicide, injury and stress.Doctor is not a solution to cure the Phobia. For treating Phobia Phobiatic person have to concern a psychiatrist and take exposure therapy and proper counselling.

 5 Major types of Phobia –

1. Arachnophobia-

It is a kind of Phobia from spiders and archnid. Nearly 90% of women is Phobia from spiders. 30.5% population of U.S. suffered from spiders. When an arachnophobiac person sees spiders they become panicked which includes sweating, shortness of breath or crying.


 In this Phobia people has a fear from snakes. Our 1/3 % of world’s population fear from snake such peoples who have Fear from snake they never go on hiking, camping on mountain and other forest related activities.

3. Acrophobia

People suffer from Acrophobia has fear from heights. Very few people are suffered from Acrophobia. When suffered person sees ground from height they get panic attacks or committed suicides due to stress.

4. Agoraphobia-
  It is a Phobia in which people fear of crowded places and situations that cause panic, helplessness or embarrassment. More than 1 million cases are registered per year in India of agoraphobia. It needs treatment but can’t be cured.

5. Astraphobia-

​Astraphobia is a Phobia in which abnormal Fear of thunder and lightning. Astraphobia is a treatable anxiety disorder. It is mostly happen in Small children. Astraphobia could be occur in both Humans and animals.

Friends also tell me about your  Phobia  in comment section.

83 thoughts on “Human Phobias”

  1. You have given me one of the topics that I like to talk about … Very, very interesting subject. First recommend the Spanish movie “Kiki” by Paco León. Funny comedy, teaches several sexual phobias, very unknown, real. More like hobbies, weird attractions. The phobia that I bring you is “Filofobia” … guess??!! … Very good post!

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  2. Hi. I am still recalling what my phobia is. But what i can remember is my husband has a phobia in height. He really avoid like walking in a hanging bridge or something like looking down when he’s on top of a building.

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  3. Nice educative and informative piece Sir. Additional phobia? Well every man had this once when they were boys. I call it “Hydrophobia/Aquaphobia” The fear of water. As in literally, the fear of taking a bath or hitting the showers. Trust me, it was quite the intimidating one. Some men still struggle to date you know! 😏 Nice read.

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  4. I have no unreasonable fears of height, snakes, crowds, and so on. I think most people have reasonable fears, nervousness you might call it. I know if I ride in a plane longer than 5 hours I have to then suppress some anxiety.

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