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     We all are know about World Wrestling Federation(WWF),now World Wrestling Entertainment(WWE) and we have seen undertaker in WWE.Undertaker is the most popular wrestler of WWE.

 The Undertaker- 

     The Undertaker is one of the greatest wrestler of WWE ever .Millions of peoples are fan following of him.His real name is Mark William Caraway but he is well known by his ring name The Undertaker.Undertaker’s name is also counted with the strongest wrestlers of WWE ever.                                                              Undertaker is 6 feet and 10 inches tall and weighing up 299 pounds.Undertaker was trained by Don Jardine.Undertaker joined the WCCW in 1984 after he joined the USWA in 1988 and then he signed the WWF,now WWE.When Undertaker signed the WWF,now WWE he was 27 years old but still he is of 52.

     Undertaker signature move is Chokeslam and finisher is Tombstonepiledriver. Undertaker made his debut in WWF, now WWE in 19 November,1990 at Survivor series. In his pay-per-view match Undertaker was team up with Ted Dibiase’s and opponent was American Badass. His team won the match.After that,Undertaker did not lost any match during whole year.But he lost the first match with Hulk Hogan for the championship. In his whole career he becomes former 3 times World Heavyweight championship and 4 times WWE champion. Undertaker was the only wrestler who won 8 matches in Hell in a Cell it is the highest winning record in Hell in a Cell ever. Undertaker was also known by the name Dead man because in many incidents he was alive after the death but no one knows this is true or not.

   The Brothers of Destruction-                                                                                                          Undertaker’s brother ‘The Kane’ was also made his career in WWE. In 1998 Undertaker was team up with Kane and tag team was named”The Brothers of Destruction”.

 ​The Brothers of Destruction was the former 3 times tag team champions (two times WWF tag team champions and 1 time WCW tag team champions). Brothers of Destruction were active in 1998-2001,2006-2010 and 2012-2016.

Undertaker many times changed his facial looks. During 2000s Undertaker made his entrance as a biker.In 1999 at Backlash, Undertaker wants to married with Stephanie McMahon in the middle of the ring at that time Stone Cold Steve Austin saves Stephanie McMahon.

  Undertaker’s WrestleMania streak-
                                                                                Undertaker won the Royal Rumble of 2007 by eliminating Shawn Michaels after that Undertaker and Shawn Michaels rivalry started in 2009 and then they had a match between in WrestleMania XXV and Undertaker won the match. The rivalry against them did not ends here they had matches between during whole year mostly of times Shawn Michaels won. The rivalry become too dangerous and at last they had match between at WrestleMania XXVI which was held on March 28,2010. This was the career match against Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels. Undertaker won the match and Shawn Michaels career was end here, Undertaker’s WrestleMania streak continues 18-0. After that, in 2014 at WrestleMania XXX. Undertaker faces The Beast- Brocklesnar and here Undertaker’s WrestleMania streak was broken 21-1 he lost the match.

After that, In 2017 at WrestleMania XXXIII, he had the career match against Roman Reigns and Undertaker lost the match. One more lost in his streak 23-2. Undertaker career was ended here and he becomes the legend forever.



       We all are living in the illusionary world and our mind always tries to construct the world which have seen by our eye. Everyone thought that their eyes always sees reality but it is not true, which we have see Everytime that is not the reality. Meaning of illusion is very simple but it is very hard to explain.​

    What is illusion?

Many times our senses may be get distorted, this experience is called illusion. Illusion is a wrong or misinterpreted perception of sensory experience, unlike Hallucination. Illusion is a part of our negative thinking. Whenever our brain does not understand anything perfectly. In that situation, our brain is not able to send right information to other senses, this situation creates illusion. 


Which one is tilt more?

The audience perceives the puppet as actually speaking, as opposed to the puppeteer.

Illusion is of many types like Optical Illusion, Auditory Illusion, Tactile Illusion and Temporal Illusion, etc.

Human Phobias

       In every human’s life three things certainly happen they are happiness , sadness and Phobia . Phobia is not a disease but anxiety disorder or Human Depth Fear . Every human is a fear from something if it is snake, height, spider dark night, crowd etc. Phobia is not a minor disease it is a big problem which cannot recover by time to time. In many cases, Phobia can happen for more than six months or for a lifetime. If Phobiatic person avoid their Phobia it can affect their life and also affects other peoples lead to suicide, injury and stress.Doctor is not a solution to cure the Phobia. For treating Phobia Phobiatic person have to concern a psychiatrist and take exposure therapy and proper counselling.

 5 Major types of Phobia –

1. Arachnophobia-

It is a kind of Phobia from spiders and archnid. Nearly 90% of women is Phobia from spiders. 30.5% population of U.S. suffered from spiders. When an arachnophobiac person sees spiders they become panicked which includes sweating, shortness of breath or crying.


 In this Phobia people has a fear from snakes. Our 1/3 % of world’s population fear from snake such peoples who have Fear from snake they never go on hiking, camping on mountain and other forest related activities.

3. Acrophobia

People suffer from Acrophobia has fear from heights. Very few people are suffered from Acrophobia. When suffered person sees ground from height they get panic attacks or committed suicides due to stress.

4. Agoraphobia-
  It is a Phobia in which people fear of crowded places and situations that cause panic, helplessness or embarrassment. More than 1 million cases are registered per year in India of agoraphobia. It needs treatment but can’t be cured.

5. Astraphobia-

​Astraphobia is a Phobia in which abnormal Fear of thunder and lightning. Astraphobia is a treatable anxiety disorder. It is mostly happen in Small children. Astraphobia could be occur in both Humans and animals.

Friends also tell me about your  Phobia  in comment section.

Many humans who have died but alive in everyone’s heart

        This is true, that every human takes birth and dies after their life span. Everyone takes birth to do a particular task or work in the world but in that time everyone forget that. In present, in race of success everyone thought that how to make their life luxurious. No one wants to do anything new.                                                     But in past, many humans had done some greatest work that can be possible by only hard work and determination. Those people crossed the limitations of thinking and teach us many wonderful things.                                                                                          3 Great persons ever who will inspire      you-                                            

1. Albert Einstein-

   He was born in 1879 and died in 1955. He was the great scientist of physics. In his lifetime he discovered many theories like E=hf, Einstein field equations, gravitational waves and Theory of relativity E=mc square. When he published his first newspaper on Theory of relativity all the science world got shocked from that time his success was started. He got ‘Noble Prize for physics’ in 1921 and was also respected by the name ‘Time Person of the Century’ in 1999.

2. Isaac Newton-    He was born in 1642 and died in 1726. He is the only scientist who had discovered many things in most of the fields. His discoveries was Calculus, laws of motion, Newton’s law of fluid and most famous discovery was Universal Gravitation. He was the influential scientists of all time. He also proved that white light contains seven colors . Newton’s work on light was collected in his highly influenced book ‘Opticks’.

3. Stephen Hawking-

     He was born on 1942 and still alive. He affected by Motor Neuron disease in which disease the brain does not connects with the body organs. At that time, in his adulthood when he was affected by this disease doctor’s said that he did not live more than few months but Stephen took this disease as a challenge and survive long. His cheek was connected with a device which helps him to communicate. He was respected by Albert Einstein award in 1978 and Fundamental physics prize in 2012 and many more. He was the greatest scientist of this era and many rumors showed that he is still working on Theory of Relativity and he may be get success!!!

A request

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Imagination makes every Human being exceptional

   We have unlimited things in our world to do but only we have to imagine the world to express in our views. Every person have their own imagination. Human imagination is miraculous and unpredictable. Imagination makes everyone exceptional to the others. Without imagination any person is nothing.

  What is Imagination?                                    Imagination is sensible images of our thinking. Imagination gives the answer of that question which the person is thought about. Through their imagination the person become may be the stupid or an intelligent, it is depend on their imagination power, how long and deep they can imagine?

    How to become  great through the             imagination?                                                  Every person in the world have equal brain, no one differ from another but mostly human beings does  not knows how to imagine the world. Every person have the power to imagine but they have not any willingness to imagine. Many scientists in our world become great through their imagination like Albert Einstein, in his school age other peoples call him mindless but in his adulthood Einstein became the great scientist in our world  through their imagination. Another example like Isaac Newton, in his school age one day he was sitting down on a tree and an apple was fall on his head after that incident he explained the gravity and he also became a great scientist through their imagination.                     These two and many more are also Human beings and we are also but we have to only inspire from that peoples and when we know how to imagine the world. This becomes a great success in human beings.