Imagination makes every Human being exceptional

   We have unlimited things in our world to do but only we have to imagine the world to express in our views. Every person have their own imagination. Human imagination is miraculous and unpredictable. Imagination makes everyone exceptional to the others. Without imagination any person is nothing.

  What is Imagination?                                    Imagination is sensible images of our thinking. Imagination gives the answer of that question which the person is thought about. Through their imagination the person become may be the stupid or an intelligent, it is depend on their imagination power, how long and deep they can imagine?

    How to become  great through the             imagination?                                                  Every person in the world have equal brain, no one differ from another but mostly human beings does  not knows how to imagine the world. Every person have the power to imagine but they have not any willingness to imagine. Many scientists in our world become great through their imagination like Albert Einstein, in his school age other peoples call him mindless but in his adulthood Einstein became the great scientist in our world  through their imagination. Another example like Isaac Newton, in his school age one day he was sitting down on a tree and an apple was fall on his head after that incident he explained the gravity and he also became a great scientist through their imagination.                     These two and many more are also Human beings and we are also but we have to only inspire from that peoples and when we know how to imagine the world. This becomes a great success in human beings.



134 thoughts on “Imagination makes every Human being exceptional”

  1. Apple falling on Newton’s head was just an analogy to make people understand the concept of gravity.
    But it was his imagination only which got him there. So you are right, imagination can make things happen.

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  2. GREAT PRESENTATION—but we are NOT ALL ALIKE in capacity or in opportunity. But we each have creative opportunity and gifts with associated skills to learn. We are not all equal. Yet each can produce imaginative wonder with the little or much of what we have! Right, maybe? 🙂

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      1. Scientifically, that isn’t so. We each grow at different rates, have different experiences and nutrition.—different opportunities which are reflected in our brain structure and chemistry. BUT–We do have in theory the same overall potential for greatness—!

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  3. The past were the greatest days. Men invented from their imaginations, you are very right. When modern men arrived on the planet, everything were already in place, and that is why modern men have become too egoistic. It is the resources from them days they we have used to build and in fact destroyed this habitat the we call “modern world.” Look at this “modern world” of “modern men,” – haha LOL. Technology of modern men is killing us, and trust that there will never be a modern doctor who will be able to cure the infection of technology.

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  4. Thinking in pictures is fantastic, like a sky full of stars. Imagination is great as the Milky Way behind it. There are too many things that I can not imagine but some of them I can at least use my fantasy on and colour it in may way.
    It is especially nice to know that knowledge is not everything. Often lack of knowlegde is not so bad, then there is more space for the pictures ..; )

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